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Why Trimble Mobile Mapping Solutions?

Vehicle-mounted mobile mapping solutions from Trimble allow you to quickly and efficiently survey a large corridor or project. Avoiding the cost for road closures and unnecessary safety risks for your field team, you can capture rich, immersive data providing the visibility needed for project planning and post project rehabilitation verification. Utilize our 3D scanning and 360-degree imaging systems to enable:

  • Preliminary Site Surveys
  • Survey & Search Existing Infrastructure
  • Design Based on Up to Date Spatial Information
  • Perform As-Built Surveys
  • Share Data with All Project Stakeholders
With speed and safety


Trimble Mobile Mapping provides reliable and compact systems that can be easily mounted on a range of different vehicles.

TMI field software ensures an intuitive data capture workflow, allowing the operator to rapidly set system parameters and manage a data capture mission. A tablet or laptop PC inside the vehicle enables browser-based operations while the associated software allows for data and images to flow efficiently between the field and the office.

With integrated workflows


Following data capture, integrated office software tools which fit seamlessly into the Trimble ecosystem allow the processing of the data and the generation of meaningful deliverables.

Rely on Trimble's industry leading direct geo-referencing to determine the best trajectory and unlock the power of mobile mapping data by extracting survey, engineering or GIS data. Create new or use existing data schemas and connect to existing databases or export data in CAD, BIM or GIS formats.

With project stakeholders


Utilize Trimble MX Publisher and enable multiple users to access and use the data for visualization, measurement, and local feature extraction.

Combine point cloud data, panoramic and planar imagery, vector data and raster resources as well as 3D models into one single publication. Measure points, lines, area, catenaries, distances or volumes and save measurement results locally on your PC or in common GIS and CAD environments using the available plugins.

Trimble MX7

360-Degree Mobile Imaging



Trimble MX9

3D Laser Scanning & Imaging

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Trimble Business Center

从外业到交付 CAD

Trimble MX 内业



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Mobile Mapping Webinar Center


Accurate 3D geospatial data is vital for telecom network planning and asset management. Discover more about Trimble’s Laser Scanning portfolio.

Trimble X7

The Trimble X7 scanner’s unique data capture workflow ensures telecom operators have the accurate and detailed 3D models of network assets required for project and maintenance intelligence.

GIS Solutions

Trimble GIS mapping solutions provide the fundamental location intelligence of communication services to support modern, mission critical deployments, and network management.